---Board of Directors---

Michael Faubion, Acting Chairman of the Board

Is married to journalist Rhonda McBride since 1984, father of musician and video editor Matthew Faubion. Faubion has been employed by Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (Bethel, Alaska) in media services and public relations since 1993. Previous employment includes reporter/photographer for Tundra Drums newspaper (Bethel, Alaska), social services, bookkeeping, sales and home remodeling. Faubion is a musician and songwriter, owner of Uncle Mike’s Music Works, a record label and recording business which has released six CDs since 1996. Faubion served on the Aurora Waldorf School board of trustees from 2005–2007. Lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Barry Dearborn, Treasurer

BS in electrical engineering, OSU;   Engineer aide at ML & P;   Captain, USAF-NSA;   M.S. in electrical engineering, OSU;   Computer specialist at Naval Weapons Center;   Treasurer, Alaska Writers Guild; Author; Musician.

Meg Anderson, Secretary, Newsletter Editor

Attended University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee;  For the last 20 years, she has been an interpreter, illustrator and graphic artist with Alaska State Parks;  Singer/Songwriter and lives in Anchorage, Alaska...with Scout. (meganders.com).

Michael Faubion, Board Member.    

Brian Bergey, Board Member.     

Tom Torvie, Board Member.     

Kathleen Claiborne, Assistant Treasurer.

Also...     Troy Stoneking: is a current airframe mechanic with 25 years experience on Chinook Heavy Lift helicopters. He will also assist with some of the technical aspects and will assist on the demolition and rebuild. Troy lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.