---RBC Board of Directors---


John Will, President and Chairman

Served in the United States Air Force as a KC-135 Mechanic/Crew Chief, has large aircraft operations and de-icing experience, self employed fabricator and holds a current FAA dispatchers license.  John lives in Eagle River, Alaska.

Meg Anderson, Secretary & Newsletter



Attended University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee;  For the last 20 years, she has been an interpreter, illustrator and graphic artist with Alaska State Parks;  Singer/Songwriter and lives in Anchorage, Alaska...with Scout. (meganders.com).

Barry Dearborn, Treasurer, Membership


  BS in electrical engineering, OSU; Engineer aide at ML & P; Captain, USAF-NSA; M.S. in electrical engineering, OSU; Computer Specialist at Naval Weapons Center; Treasurer, Alaska Writers Guild; Author; Musician and lives in Wasilla, Alaska.  

Dave Ciocchi, Museum Director


 Aeronautical Engineer; Boeing Commercial (SST and 747). Post-Graduate Museum studies, North Texas State University, Denton TX; Winedale Museum Management advanced course, Round Rock TX; Executive Director, SouthWest AeroSpace Museum, Ft Worth TX; Board of Directors at Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry. Mechanic at AK Wing of Civil Air Patrol, Everts Air Cargo & Floats Alaska. Volunteer mechanic Christian Pilots Association and instructor in the CAP Cadet AeroSpace Education program. Dave lives in Eagle River, Alaska.  

Paul Mills, Director of Sales


 Paul has 45 years of sales and marketing experience with national, international, and local businesses. Originally from St Louis, he has been an Alaskan since 1975. Whether educational, promotional, profitable, or eventful, Paul possesses communication skills that fill many of Rolling Boxcar’s needs. He endeavors to establish mutual and beneficial working relationships, catering to the needs of RBC and its sponsors. 

Dean Reaves, Merchandising


 Dean spent 25 years in the electrical trades. He worked in the supply chain for mineral exploration in Alaska as well as design testing for a proposed gas pipeline thru Canada. Originally from Alabama, Dean has more than 50 years of touring experience and an impressive streak of collaborations under his belt as a drummer, vocalist and percussionist. He has toured all the way from Florida to Alaska with a stay in Nashville, where he played on WSM TV (now WSMV-TV) as a member of The Street. He also collaborated with acts across the nation, including Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, Question Mark & the Mysterians, Matt Hammer, Bo Porter and Gary “Alaska” Sloan. Dean lives in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Randy Sorenson, Logistics Advisor


 Sevier Valley Technical College, 1970-72; Southern Utah State University, 1972-73; Steven Henager Business College, 1973-74; President and Founder, Professional Escort Vehicle Operators Association (PEVOA) 2006-present; Owner, RSA Corp., Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment to aid direction-boring contractors 1997-2015; Created and provided the Utah DOT Pilot/Escort Certification Program, 1991-present; RSA Network Inc. was awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin Space Systems to improve the safety and efficiency of oversize and overweight loads, 2011-2016; Expert witness for the movement of oversize load, 1993-present.  Randy lives in Sandy, Utah.